Sunday, September 3, 2023

The Vote and Diaspora Vote

I am Chief Felix Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni of Ntabazinduna.
I was born and raised in Ntabazinduna Zimbabwe where I then completed my primary and secondary education. I came to the United Kingdom in 1981 to complete my further education at Polytechnic and University. I then worked in Local government in the East of London for many years. During this period I was always returning to Zimbabwe and also travelling extensively to some 62 countries.

My father was Chief Khayisa Ndiweni who was a signatory to the Lancaster House Agreement for Rhodesia / Zimbabwe. He was a Paramount Chief for 71 years. On his passing away in August 2010 through the Ndiweni Clan I ascended the Ndiweni Chieftaincy.

I have been assaulted, harassed and victimised many times by the Zanu PF government. I have also been detained and jailed by the Zanu PF government. Because for standing for the principles, of Rule of Law and democracy. Having sustained injury in detention I am now in the United Kingdom where I have and continue to receive treatment



Fighting for the Right To Vote
(The slogan for women fighting for The Vote as Suffragettes in 1903)
{There is no country in the world that can indefinitely deny its citizens their Human Right to Vote}

This year 2023 there are 108 political elections world-wide. Should we give or not give, these 108 elections legitimacy, purely on the basis that the word “election “has been used to describe them?

There is now need for a broader and stronger definition of what is an “election“. An international standard for an election.

Regarding the definition of what constitutes an election, we already have Election Observers, who write reports about the election they have observed. However, the Election Observers do not carry the necessary authority to make nation states comply with the international standard for elections.

Across the world we now see authoritarian governments finding ways to reduce the number of people who vote in their elections. They all pretend to be democratic and yet they undercut that very principle by attacking its foundation i.e. The Vote. To vote is a Human Right protected at the United Nations. The governments that restrict The Vote, have a legitimacy problem because they were not given a proper mandate to govern, by the ballot box, since they had reduced the number of voters in that election.

Signing this Referendum is akin to advancing your voice directly into the corridors of power, to ensure that The Right to Vote and The Vote are protected even more. That those governments who have restricted and reduced their people’s Right to Vote and The Vote, are not given legitimacy by the international arena, until that full Right to Vote is implemented. To ensure that those fraudulent “fake-elections” are not rubber stamped as being free and fair. To ensure that the question of legitimacy hangs onto those governments like an albatross, at every turn in the international arena.

Restricting or reducing The Human Right to Vote is far more destructive, than extremism or fundamentalism. The rise of extremism resulted in new international laws and protocols designed to curb and stop extremism. Laws that touched on the movement of people, world finance, technology, information technology etc. Restricting or reducing The Human Right to vote should also have new international laws and protocols designed to curb and stop its practice, like those crafted to reduce and stop extremism and fundamentalism.

The international arena has already made advancements for the protection of the Human Right to Vote in the following forums; -
• The United Nations Human Rights
• The United Nations Human Rights Commission
• The European Community
• The African Unions Peoples and Human Rights Charter
• And other Regional Organisations
• The International Community

Some nations signed up and ratified these protocols to the extent of domesticating them into their respective laws. However, some of these countries do not comply with the Human Right to Vote Articles. As a result, these Articles for The Human Right to Vote, are left on the shelf as a theoretical discussion by those authoritarian governments, who really do not wish to fully implement The Human Right to Vote. To the profound detriment of those people and indeed their respective nations.

This is a moral and ethical problem at the very heart of democracy. A direct challenge to democracy.

In the 1950's there was a moral and ethical matter that galvanised the world to act. This was The Anti-Apartheid Movement Campaign. Apartheid, (segregation between races), occurred in South Africa between 1948 – 1994. The Anti–Apartheid Movement Campaign was a people lead movement, that pushed governments and the international establishment to act. It is intended that this continuous Referendum for The Human Right to Vote and The Vote, will also follow this path. This continuous Referendum will be one of protest and persuasion, one of defiance and passive resistance used in a modern format.

All of the significant international Articles and protocols to date began as a result of a particular event or example that had occurred, that then galvanised nations and Regions and international organisations to Act.

The event and example we have for this continuous Referendum is the Zimbabwe DIASPORA VOTE.

An issue that has pushed back the gains made by those who struggled for The Right For Women to Vote. That has denied the youth The Right to Vote. That has denied Voting Rights to over 50 % of Zimbabwe's voting constituency.

That has denied the Right to Vote to at least Two First Nations Peoples within Zimbabwe. That has led to the largest migration of peoples in Southern Africa. That is about to result in the exodus of at least two million Zimbabweans to South Africa. That is about to light the fire of extremism in Southern Africa the likes of which has never been seen as it feeds off the Islamic extremism in northern Mozambique. That is about to destabilise the whole of Southern Africa. All because the Zanu PF ‘government’ of Zimbabwe chooses not to respect The Human Right To Vote.

The catastrophic results of restricting and reducing The Human Right to Vote can be observed in Zimbabwe over the last 43 years. A country that was once the bread-basket of southern Africa is now a begging bowl. How a once thriving country has now been reduced to an unstable crisis torn country that is now about to destabilise the whole of Southern Africa, should Zanu PF once again, through rigging and force of arms retain power.

On the 8th August 1963 in Highfield Harare at the home of one Enos Nkala, the Zimbabwe African National Union, Patriotic Front, (Zanu PF) was formed. Zanu PF has been in Office since independence for the last 43 years. What President Julius Nyerere of Tanzania described as “The Jewel of Africa“ at Zimbabwe's independence on 18 April 1980, is no more! The Zanu PF 'government' is now identified with endemic corruption, violence, tribalism, racism, bigotry, intolerance, misogyny, homophobia, cultivating a toxic political environment and closing down the democratic space.

State capture and corruption of all the pillars of democracy and the relentless assault against the citizens Right To Vote. What happened to the independence that espoused “One Man One Vote, One Woman One Vote“? Today, 60 years on this very day the 8th August 2023 we launch this “Initiative/Popular “Unitary Referendum” for the Zimbabwean Diaspora Vote.

Join the people and sign this REFERENDUM FOR THE DIASPORA VOTE.

Over 50% of the Zimbabwean electorate have been knowingly denied their Human Right to the “VOTE“ by the Zanu PF gov.

On the 23rd August 2023 Zimbabwe will (have now gone) for elections.

• On this day, there will be 6,147,517 registered voters, ready to vote in Zimbabwe.

• On this same day, there will also be another over 6,800,550 Zimbabweans, who wanted to vote but have been barred from taking part in this election, just because they are outside the country. This is against the current 2013 Constitution of Zimbabwe.

Which government in the world would knowingly deny over 50% of its electorate “THEIR HUMAN RIGHT TO VOTE “and think that was acceptable?

The Zanu PF government has stated that if Zimbabweans are out-side the country they cannot vote. This position by the Zanu PF government contradicts directly the Zimbabwean Constitution. The Constitution does not place such a condition on peoples Human Right to Vote or indeed The Vote. The Zanu PF governments fraudulent condition with respect to the diaspora vote, carries the same weight as if the Zanu PF government said all Zimbabweans who wear green clothing are not allowed to vote. It is as ridiculous as that and has no legal merit.

To say 50% of the Zimbabwean electorate have been denied their Human Right to Vote is a profound statement and should make other nations concerned, indeed very concerned. Below as an example we have used the Zanu PF government position of reducing the Zimbabwean voters register by 50% and transposed it onto other countries. The Zanu PF government has used the ridiculous argument that those citizens who are outside the country cannot vote. In equal measure we have also used the equally ridiculous argument that those people that like apples cannot vote. The numbers are large and beg the question as to whether such an election would be credible and deemed to have been free and fair. If such an arbitrary reduction in their respective election registers would be unacceptable for these countries, then why would it be acceptable for Zimbabwe. For Zimbabwe is not subscribing to a third-rate democracy or being a pariah State. Zimbabwe wants a first-rate democracy just like other countries.

How would the people of The Republic of South Africa feel, if over-night their electoral Register had changed from a figure of 26,779,025 ( Twenty six million, Seven Hundred and seventy nine thousands and twenty five ) voters, down to a figure of only 13,389,513 ( Thirteen million, three hundred and eighty nine thousand, five hundred and thirteen ) voters. Just because the government of the day used an excuse that is not in the constitution, like “they were denied their Human Right to Vote because they like apples “. This is exactly what the Zanu PF government of Zimbabwe has done. Instead of using the “like apples “example, they have just said “outside the Country“. An illegal justification which is outside of the constitution of Zimbabwe.

Democracy itself is on trial here, with respect to the Human Right to Vote question in Zimbabwe. Those nations that espouse the principles of democracy have a choice to make.

They could pretend that they have not seen or heard about the Democracy crisis in Zimbabwe and thereby do nothing. Doing nothing is no longer an option in this new geopolitical world, this new world order. The international political world is in profound flux like never before and is in desperate need of stability along common grounds, around the principles of democracy and The Rule of Law. In the past there were foreign policy errors by nations, especially with respects to events on the African continent, that have surfaced recently due to events on the global stage ie the War in Ukraine.

Wisdom says we should not repeat those errors. For democracy wherever in the world cannot develop and progress in a vacuum. The free World has to actively support democracy wherever in the world. Otherwise other ideologies will take over that space, to the detriment of democracy and to the detriment of The Free World.

Alternatively, they may acknowledge the Zimbabwean Democracy Crisis with respect to the Diaspora Vote and choose to work closely with the people of Zimbabwe to put a stop to these “Fake elections by Zanu PF government“.

Opposition parties have only taken part in these elections, knowing that they are fundamentally flawed but with the full knowledge that Zanu PF would continue with or without them in this “fake“ election. More importantly, the Opposition parties have taken part in these elections in order to fight for the people who have suffered so much, under the 43 years of rule by Zanu PF. Opposition parties have taken part in these elections in order to show the Region, African Continent and the world, that they believe in democracy and that they are doing the very best they can. That under these terrible conditions, help from the Free world would be greatly appreciated.

How does one feel about this situation. We urge people to sign this Referendum so that those of us who are willing to act can act , in the knowledge that this is what people want ie a democratic Zimbabwe where The Human Right to Vote and the Vote are respected without conditions.

If you were born, raised or have Zimbabwean ancestry, sign this Unitary Referendum.

If you only just believe in The Human Right To Vote, sign the Referendum. allows one to sign using their name or anonymously. is an internationally recognised organisation, that recognises that sometimes people may want to sign such campaigns but may have security concerns. Hence signed anonymously is also accepted.

Whoever you are, wherever you are and you “feel “the injustice here, just sign the Referendum.

The Anti-Apartheid Movement that helped bring independence to South Africa was global because of people’s belief in democracy. Hence, the Zimbabwean Diaspora Vote Unitary Referendum must also be global. Saviour Kasukuwere's recent court challenges have exhausted/limited, legal remedy within Zimbabwe, hence the need to elevate the diaspora vote to the Region and globally. Both in the High Court and in his appeal to the Supreme Court, he failed because of the diaspora issue, with respect to standing as a Presidential Candidate and also voting. The High Court and Supreme Court, both took the view that the Electoral Act Section 23(3) held supremacy, over the Constitutions sections 66, 67, with respect to freedom of movement and residence, and the Right To Vote. Regional and international legal minds have all rejected both The High Court and Supreme Courts adjudication on this matter, comprehensively.

You can sign this Referendum with either your name or anonymously as already stated.

This is a continuous Referendum.

However, for Zimbabweans you must in your MILLIONS vote in the elections on 23rd August 2023. The Referendum is not a substitute for the election.

The REFERENDUM is in addition to the election!
The Referendum began on the 08th August 2023 and is indefinite, until The Diaspora vote is allowed but in the interim it will be producing reports at intervals
The first report will be on the 30th August 2023 to be sent sent to the Election Observers Teams and others.
The second report will be on the 3rd October if there is a Presidential rerun in the election.
If there is no re-run then the second referendum report will be on the 1st November 2023.
Further report dates will be published in due course.

This Referendum is not a sprint but is a marathon.

• We want the over 6.5 million Zimbabweans in the diaspora to be allowed to vote from wherever they are in the world during Zimbabwean plebiscites. For they already amount to 50% of the possible electorate of the country and their number is growing
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, we are asking, SADC, African Union, Commonwealth of Nations, EC, United Nations, individual countries, international Organisations to look into the plight of Zimbabwean women and girls. For the Zanu PF government has banned the Zimbabwean Diaspora Vote. This disproportionately affects women much more to their disadvantage. It’s as if women have lost The Vote. That the suffragettes never achieved The Right for women to vote. Anecdotal observations indicate that the Zimbabwean Diaspora is made up of women by a significant percentage;-
◦ Women health care workers in the Zimbabwean diaspora are the majority. The United Kingdom took in over 40 thousand recently. And large numbers have gone abroad over many years. Find a women of colour in a remote village in Alaska, they are Zimbabwean.
◦ A large percentage of teachers that left Zimbabwe and are in the Diaspora are women. Find a foreign woman teacher in a small village in South Africa, they are Zimbabwean.
◦ There is a large percentage of Zimbabwean women in the diaspora who are there in the “unofficial economies“ of countries in SADC, Africa, Europe, USA, Asia, in order for them to fend for their families back in Zimbabwe. For the Zimbabwean government has failed in its responsibilities with respect of official service delivery in all sectors of government.
◦ Remittances from funds sent from the diaspora to families in Zimbabwe are running into the USD Billion now. From these funds the Zanu PF applies a charge, a tax, a percentage, upon them. So the Zanu PF government is taxing the Zimbabwean diaspora community yet it has denied them their Human Right to Vote. There cannot be taxation without representation!
◦ Anecdotal observations note that within the Zimbabwean diaspora faith community, churches and especially Pentecostal Churches, women are by far the majority forming those congregations.
◦ Anecdotal observations note that amongst the many “clubs“ and groups that are formed within the Zimbabwean diaspora, once again women are the majority. In many regards these clubs and groups have taken over the governments job in Zimbabwe due to Zanu PF's failings eg helping out to fund, resource and occasionally build clinics in especially rural settings and some in urban areas. Early learning centres for preschool children are also being resourced by these clubs in the Zimbabwean diaspora.
◦ There is also a large percentage of Zimbabwean women in the diaspora who were persecuted in Zimbabwe by the Zimbabwean Zanu PF government. Hence, they are there on asylum.
◦ The majority by far of cross border traders are women. These women are forced into the culture of corruption and bribery at Zimbabwe's borders, in order to get their goods into the country. Otherwise their legitimate goods would be confiscated.
◦ At least 70 % of the population live in the rural areas under the jurisdiction of Traditional Leaders. In many cases those homesteads that look solid usually have a daughter, sister or mother in the diaspora sending resources from abroad. The empathy side of women shines through. This is not to say that men do not play their part. That would be wrong to say that. However, it is the women who are the greater majority that are keeping these homes functioning.
◦ Women have not by choice gone outside Zimbabwe. They have been forced to by Zanu PF's failings. Now that they are outside of Zimbabwe, the Zanu PF government is still chasing after them by denying them the Vote, the Human Right to Vote in plebiscites in Zimbabwe. If that was not enough the Zanu PF government now introduces the new “Patriotic Bill“. This is a broad ranging Bill which was recently passed into law just before these elections. Making it a criminal offence for any Zimbabwean in the diaspora to criticise the Zanu PF government. With serious penalties attached to it. Basically, Zanu PF government is trying to muzzle all Zimbabweans wherever they are in the world. Outrageous! And the timing of this Bill was designed to have an impact upon the 2023 elections in Zanu PF's favour. To reduce the Zimbabwean diaspora's critical influence upon those citizens in Zimbabwe who are about to vote. For the Zanu PF government has made a big thing about arresting prominent individuals based upon what they have “tweeted or said in WhatsApp's in the social media. As a result, Zimbabweans in Zimbabwe and outside are uneasy. Very uneasy indeed!
◦ The Zanu PF government misogamy is there in black and white evidence. In the Ndebele Genocide of southern Zimbabwe 1983 -1987 the 5th Brigade raped over 100,000 women, injured and slaughtered tens of thousands In the political violence over 43 years it is many women that have been attacked, raped and slaughtered by Zanu PF. We observe the recent murder of More Blessing Ali. A young woman with a bright future cut down in her prime. The operative word her is “cut down“. For her body was found in a hole and it had been chopped into pieces. It is not clear if she was chopped into pieces whilst still alive or when dead. Her crime was that she was a member and campaigner for the Opposition CCC. Witnesses identified Zanu PF supporters. Till this date no arrests and trials of the perpetrators. More Blessings Ali's family obtained legal representation from one Advocate Job Sikhala. A strong legal mind that pushed for justice. Job Sikhala was immediately arrested by Zanu PF government on trumped up charges. Job Sikhala has now spent over a year in jail. Whilst nothing on those who murdered More Blessing Ali, dismembered her body and threw it down a hole. Profound. This occurs under Zanu PF. When the Zimbabwe Election Commission, ZEC, takes too long to announce the election results in 2018 , people orderly protests on the streets of Harare. The army opens fire upon them cutting them down. Women shot in the back, who were not even part of the protests but were trying to fend for their families. No arrests and we are approaching another election.

◦ We observe the Vice President Mohadi chasing after his wife in the yard of their home, waving an axe. The woman is besides herself. Nothing is done to the Vice President. Later audio's are released about the Same Vice President soliciting sex from young women some in their early teens. There is public outrage. He resigns. However, he then suddenly reappears still in a powerful position within Zanu PF. He is presented to the people during government businesses to officiate. He represents the government meeting Traditional Leaders around the country. He plays a role in these 2023 elections, for Zanu PF.

◦ The second vice president has an acrimonious separation from his wife. He uses his position to levy charge after charge against the poor woman. She is dragged to the courts even in a hospital bed with drips plugged in. A warrant of arrest for her is issued by the Magistrate, even though the Magistrate is informed that she is outside the court House trying to climb the stairs. She request to go for medical treatment in South Africa the Courts deny her . Her ex-husband the second Vice President has just return from China on medical grounds after months and months! The woman under goes major operations with an amputation involved and the trials continue. And she is dragged to the courts.

◦ We then have a traditional Leader Chief Fortune Charumbira, President of The National Chiefs Council of Zimbabwe, strong Zanu PF member facing an allegation of sexual misconduct from within his extended family, a 27 year old married niece. The matter was reported to the Zimbabwe Republic Police , ZRP, at Masvingo but there is yet to be an arrest of the Chief. Chief Charumbira is also President of The Pan African Parliament, PAP. This is the legislative body of the Afrian Union. What action has the African Union taken. What action has the EC taken about this since they partly fund and resource PAP.We note the great role and work the news paper Mail & Guardian has played in investigating gender issues in the African Union and PAP itself. The African Unions Agenda 2063 is a Gender Equality central pillar for the African Union. Yet when reports of sexual harassment and gender discrimination from its own ranks are made the AU and PAP reaction is to cover up. In 2018 there were 37 staff who wrote an open letter to The African Unions Commissions Chair Mousa Faki Mahamat complaining of Gender Apartheid in the institution, including pervasive sexual harassment and gender discrimination. No action was taken until The Mail & Guardian published more. An internal enquiry was established under Bineta Diop, AU Special envoy for women, peace and security. The enquiry interviewed 88 staff that produced a damning conclusion for the Organisation. It said that employees confirmed almost unanimously that sexual harassment and sexual assault occurred including young women who are exploited for sex in exchange for jobs. In the enquiry 44 cases of unfair Labour practices were found, fraud and nepotism.
We state categorically that this is not an attempt to discredit the African Union Team of Election Observers in the Zimbabwe Elections by no means at all. No aspersions on that note! However, it is only right and proper to highlight any possible conflict of interests that may be there. In this case it is The PAP President Chief Charumbira. A Zimbabwean. A Zanu PF strong supporter. With a charge of sexual misconduct levelled against him in Zimbabwe. Representing PAP and the African Union who have not been proactive about matters of gender within. Coming to observe a Zimbabwean Election after which they will report as to whether the Zimbabwean 2023 Elections were Free and Fair, even though millions of women were denied the vote. These are the kind of questions that arise if an organisation has not resolved gender issues in a timely transparent manner. Questions that then place the integrity of the Organisation in jeopardy needlessly. The African Continent already has a lot on its plate without it inflicting a wound upon itself of this kind. For the Highest Civil Servant Office on the African Continent must always be protected. Should an incumbent in this Office face such allegations that are then taken to the police, they should immediately be suspended from the Office, pending the completion of the police investigations. This is the very least we would have expected. With regret this has not happened! We await to see what action The AU and PAP will take on this matter which will not go away and with great regret, so tarnishing the image of the AU and PAP to the peoples of Africa detriment and on this occasion especially women.
◦ We hear allegations of Zanu PF Councillors, Members of Parliament and Ministers having extramarital affairs “small houses“, where some have fathered many children and not supported those children nor the mothers of those children. The abject poverty traps women in these vulnerable positions, which amounts to an assault against women.
◦ The strain upon families in Zimbabwe continues due to the separation of one of the parents having to go abroad, to fend for the family in the Zimbabwean diaspora. As a result, divorce rates are high and family break downs are high due to this prolonged separations. In such situations, women are profoundly impacted upon. Not to mention the impact upon the children and with regret the family and extended family unit. The extended family unit has been able to support the African family for centuries, however during this period it finds itself under great strain.
◦ The issue of gender, women, girls, the girl child is formidable. With due respect to SADC, African Union, Commonwealth of Nations, EC, United Nations and international Organisations, we are looking for formidable actions against the Zanu PF government. We are not looking for reiterations of policies that we all know but rather action. As the suffrages chanted “Deeds Not Words“.
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and force of arms we are asking the Southern African regional body SADC not to recognise that government, let alone to give it legitimacy. Other African regional bodies like ECOWAS in West Africa have been very proactive with member states that are a problem in their region who bring instability. ECOWAS has implemented total border closures on member States, closed their air space, no fly zones, cut off electricity supplies, cut off fuel supplies, imposed trade bans, cut off diplomatic relations, frozen assets, produced arrest warrants for individuals. In Southern Africa, SADC has yet to take such robust action. Hard edged diplomacy! Most dangerously for SADC there is now Muslim Extremism in the northern part of Mozambique. Extremism is an ideology that rapidly spreads and can set a whole region alight. Completely independent of governments. Extremism has its own financial structures for sustaining an armed struggle. If SADC continues not to stand up for democracy and listen to ordinary Zimbabweans , ordinary Zimbabweans will find extremism attractive. Once extremism takes hold it is very difficult to stop.
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of armed force we are asking the Southern African Regional body, SADC not to rubber stamp these 2023 elections as being “free and fair“, as has happened with regret in the past elections for 35 years to the profound, profound, profound disadvantage of the Zimbabwean people.
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of armed force, we are asking all the other Election Observer Teams not to rubber stamp the elections as being “free and fair“.
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of armed force we are asking The African Union not to rubber stamp the election as being “free and fair“. For the African Union, for the first time to listen to the suffering ordinary people of Zimbabwe for whom it as an institution was created for. The African Union was not created to just support Ruling Parties all over the African Continent but rather, it was created to support Africans all over the African Continent.
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, we are asking the African Union, Commonwealth, EC, United Nations, individual Countries not to recognise it or give it legitimacy in any form.
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, we are asking all of the Election Observer Teams ( SADC, African Union, Commonwealth, United Nations, ) to speak, document and recognise that the rigging of an election, possibly 80% of it, occurs “before the election day“. For that evidence and paper trail is already there in volumes in Zimbabwe. A parable of this is of an Election Observer Team that attends a football match between the Reds and Blues. The Reds scored six goals whilst the Blues scored nothing. The Election Observer Team watching the game said yes the Reds won the game. Yet before the match the Blues were instructed by the referee, that they cannot have a goal keeper, cannot have a centre forward, and cannot have both wings. And the referee said he was officially playing for the Reds. So before the game had even begun the Blues were already 5 players short and the Reds had an extra player on the pitch i.e. the referee. How credible was this football match and what of the Reds claim to have won the match. For all of the “match fixing“ for this game occurred before the match.

• If Zanu PF retains power through rigging and use of force of arms once again we are asking for the Election Observers to report on what impact the Diaspora Vote would have made in these elections.
• If Zanu PF retains power through rigging and use of arms once again, we are asking for the Election Observers to read their previous reports and what they said about the lack of a diaspora vote. The diaspora vote was deliberately not implemented by Zanu PF , what action will the Election Observers take here .
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, we are asking all the Election Observer Teams to comment upon Zanu PF's promise of 2018 in London, that they would immediately give the Zimbabwean Diaspora the Vote.
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, we would ask all the Election Observers to comment upon Zanu PF's position announced by their interim Publicity and Information Commissar Patrick Chinamasa that “ Zanu PF will would never give the Zimbabwean Diaspora the Vote because their candidate Emmerson Mnangagwa and Zanu PF would lose such an election “. At a later stage Zanu PF said it would never implement the reforms from the last Election Observers Reports because that would be akin to reforming itself out of power.
• The United Nations Human Rights Commission in Geneva has already convened on Zimbabwe's periodic country report that was damning, with respect to the Zanu PF governments lack of progress on Human Rights. The report also rejected Zanu PF government attempt to link the targeted sanctions and the Zimbabwe Diaspora Vote saying these are separate issues with no bearing upon each other. We ask the Commission to convene again under special sitting and deliberate on the situation in Zimbabwe with respect to these 2023 elections, if once again Zanu PF retains power through rigging and use of armed force.
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, we ask the African Union to comment upon the statements made at The United Nations by Angola and then more recently by Kenya, that African governments brought into power by coups must be suspended from the African Union. Bearing in mind that the current Zimbabwean government came into power through a coup in November 2017. That same government still remains in office and has converted the government into a military government. That same military government stole the 2018 elections resulting in live ammunitions being used on the streets of Harare resulting in the deaths on innocent civilians. These shocking events were captured on social media and broadcast world-wide. An international Commission of Enquiry was set up and it gave its recommendations. The Zanu PF government has not applied those recommendations and no arrests have been made. Such events clearly show the need of a diaspora vote that would reduce the risk of such events happening, just because that Diaspora Vote is there. We would ask all the Elections Observers Teams to comment on this and provide suggestions as a way forward.
• We ask SADC, the African Union, Commonwealth, EC, UN and international organisations to recognise, accept and underscore that the Zimbabwe Judiciary has been captured and corrupted by Zanu PF. That the domestic process of appealing an election result is now completely compromised in Zanu PF's favour. That SADC, the African Union, Commonwealth, EC, UN and international organisations must not be tricked by Zanu PF into believing that there is a normal functioning judicial process in Zimbabwe. That the judiciary has been politically weaponised by Zanu PF. For in 2018 the judges themselves said this, beginning their open letter to Emmerson Mnanagwa “we write this letter with fear and trepidation“. Other individual judges in affidavits said that the judiciary had been politically weaponised. We also note with great concern, reports of judges being given “house loans of USD 400,000 “just before the 2023 elections. We note also that very rarely if ever are such “loans“ ever called up.
• The ordinary people of Zimbabwe have absolutely no confidence at all in the Zimbabwe Election Commission, ZEC. When a people have lost confidence in any commission, for whatever reasons, that commission can no longer function and should close its doors. ZEC has been setup to fail. The Commissioners for this Commission should be independent but they are not. Amongst them we find the members of families from Zanu PF senior members. When the Commissioners were being proposed by the Zanu PF government people raised objections about this very issue but were ignored by Zanu PF. The manner in which ZEC has operated to date shows that ZEC is part of Zanu PF. We are asking the Election Observers, SADC, African Union, Commonwealth, EC, United Nations, individual countries and the international organisations to investigate forensically all of ZEC's work. They will find that ZEC has not been fit for purpose for decades.
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, we are asking the Election Observers to take a close look at the workings of ZEC. If ZEC's workings are questionable then the elections cannot be deemed to be free and fair. We are asking the Election Observers to take actions in the Regional, Continental and international world, to ensure that claim of electoral victory by Zanu PF does not stand.
• We are asking the Election Observers, SADC, African Union, EC, United Nations, Regional Blocks, international Organisations to take our suggestions seriously, especially if Zanu PF once again retains power through rigging and use of arms. Should they reject our suggestions contained in this referendum as possible ways forward in unlocking a disputed election result, can they provide suggestions of their own. Practical suggestions that can be timely implemented. What is not acceptable is the wait and see attitude or the failed suggestions of previous elections. Suggesting that Zanu PF again implements various reforms by the next election in 2028 would not be acceptable, since these suggestions have been on the table for some 35 years now and Zanu PF government has flatly refused to implement them. There is now need for proactive action.
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and force of arms, we ask The Republic of South Africa to change its stance, with respect to the Zanu PF in Zimbabwe. South Africa's previous President Thabo Mbeki ( 1999 – 2008 ) said that The African National Congress, ANC, government of South Africa was engaged in “quiet diplomacy“ with regard to the Zimbabwean Democracy Crises created by Zanu PF's unwillingness to concede defeat in elections. We ask the ANC government of South Africa what progress with the “quiet diplomacy“ since it is now 2023. Further to that;-
◦ With respect to the Zimbabwean crisis, to the ANC government what is more important to it, is it upholding the principles of democracy for the people of Zimbabwe or maintaining its relations with a fellow revolutionary political party ie Zanu PF.
◦ Between now and 2028 the year of the Zimbabwean next elections, it is certain that part of the Legal process for the Ndebele Genocide , Crimes Against Humanity, War Crimes will begin against high ranking Zanu PF officials, possibly with International Arrest warrants. How then will the ANC government work with the Zanu PF government, if at all it can, in the glare of the international arena and the geopolitical world. Only recently the International arrest warrant for The President of The Russian Federation Vladimir Putin put pressure upon the ANC government. For the Russian President wished to attend the recent BRICS meeting in South Africa. Ultimately however the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov attended instead. And so this is no longer a hypothetical academic matter but one that is alive and very probable. That the ANC government will have a neighbouring government with senior members (Zanu PF) that cannot set foot in South Africa for fear of being arrested. Legal minds have and indeed are working on this matter, hence the certainty that it will now happen. It has taken too long, Justice delayed is justice denied!
◦ In 2008 about One million Zimbabweans emigrated to South Africa legally and illegally as a result of the stolen election by Zanu PF. Migration experts predict that should Zanu PF once again steal the coming elections that migration will once again repeat except on this occasion they envisage about two million migrating to South Africa. They will be mainly arriving in South Africa during South Africa's election year of 2024. Is the ANC government aware of this and if so what preparations has it made to accommodate such an influx from Zimbabwe.
◦ Is the ANC government aware that mass migration away from a crisis torn country is impossible to stop should Zanu PF once again steal these 2023 elections. What preparations has the ANC government made to address the social and economic upheaval this will cause, particularly with respect to violence and xenophobia on the streets of South Africa. For this will certainly occur as the migration of Zimbabweans to South Africa is only a symptom of the problem. The cause of the problem is in Zimbabwe i.e. Zanu PF.
◦ With respect to the matter of “Exemption Permits“ for Zimbabweans in South Africa. Can the ANC government change its stance of this as this would cause unimaginable hardships to Zimbabweans in South Africa and their dependents and extended families back in Zimbabwe. Yet for the ANC government not much would have been gained. The Exemption matter impacts about 150 000 Zimbabweans in South Africa. Whilst there is about 3 million Zimbabweans in South Africa. This figure of 3 million was given by President Thabo Mbeki some eighteen years ago. Meaning the figure is much higher now especially adding the One million mass migration from Zimbabwe to South Africa in 2008.
◦ Is the ANC government aware that its current position of encouraging Zimbabweans to return to Zimbabwe does not work so long as the Zimbabwean crisis continues in Zimbabwe. A crisis that has been wholly created by Zanu PF. The High Court and Supreme Court in Zimbabwe have ruled that those Zimbabweans who have been in the diaspora cannot vote or be candidates in the elections on the 23rd August 2023. This was the effect of the judgement upon the Savior Kasukuwere case. For the Savior Kasukuwere judgement impacted upon the whole of the 6.5 million plus Zimbabwe Diaspora. For the judges and in truth Zanu PF placed the Electoral Act above The Constitution of Zimbabwe. A profoundly erroneous and perverse adjudication if there ever was one. We ask for the ANC government to reconsider its current position on this matter most urgently.
◦ Is the ANC government aware that the Democratic space in Zimbabwe has been closed down by Zanu PF. That the Freedoms of Assembly, congregation and speech as inscribed in the Zimbabwean Constitution are no longer being adhered to by the Zanu PF government. Sending Zimbabweans back to Zimbabwe from South Africa to somehow “fight for their rights and country“ is to send them back to beatings, violence, killings, imprisonment far worse than that was experienced in South Africa during the Apartheid era. During the ANC's fight for independence it had its Armed Wing uMkhonto we Sizwe, the Front-Line States were there actively supporting them and the World at Large was supporting them implementing various measures. In the case of the people of Zimbabwe they only have themselves. In 2018 Zimbabwean citizens protesting orderly are gunned down in broad daylight by the Zimbabwean military taking orders from Zanu PF. Former South African President Kgalema Motlanthe heads a Commission of Enquiry into the 1st August 2018 killings on the streets of Harare. The Commission produces it report and recommendations. No action is taken by Zanu PF to the present day. People are shot dead and no one is held accountable. Can the ANC government state what else the Zimbabweans should be doing to, “fight for their rights and country“.
◦ Will the ANC government give an assurance that they will look at the “whole“ of the Election Process in Zimbabwe for the 2023 elections and not just confine themselves to this short period running up to the elections, before declaring it free and fair or otherwise. That if strong language and strong recommendations are required they say so, eg The Election Needs to be redone, ZEC needs to be suspended, a caretaker government needs to be formed. Tens of thousands of Zimbabweans in South Africa returned to Zimbabwe during the Christmas Holidays of 2022, hoping to Register to Vote. To all our shock and horror, we observed ZEC closing and locking its doors to people wishing to Register to vote during that period. Is the ANC government aware of such events. So those Zimbabweans based in South African could not Register to vote, by design of Zanu PF government and ZEC.

◦ We ask the ANC government to make strong binding resolutions in its legislation, against the Zanu PF government, with respect to democracy in Zimbabwe and the Rule of Law. That it considers travel restrictions, freezing of assets, electricity supplies, fuel supplies, trade. For on the table there are many, many things the ANC government can do that will ultimately resuscitate democracy and the Rule of Law in Zimbabwe.
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, we are asking SADC not to keep repeating what it has done for decades now and that is to simply rubber stamp the Zimbabwean Elections as being “FREE AND FAIR“. For the continuing Zimbabwean crisis rejects that conclusion, that the elections were free and fair. Zimbabwe is in the middle of a Crisis of democracy wholly with regret, created by Zanu PF. Should the Southern African Regional body SADC fail to get to grips with it, we are looking at a crisis that will negatively impact upon the whole of the SADC Region. As already stated, an exodus of about 2 million Zimbabweans into South Africa. Another million into the remainder of the SADC Region. Is SADC aware of the frustration and anger amongst the youth in Zimbabwe because of the lack of change in Zimbabwe. Decades ago, from the Cape to Cairo, it has always been the youth who lead revolutions and who were willing to do the extraordinary. Those youth are now the establishment and they do remember the fire in the belly feeling they had for change when they were young. Now this generation in Zimbabwe finds itself in that very situation. With regret the extremism we see in Northern Mozambique on the Eastern boundary of Zimbabwe are beginning to look attractive, to frustrated youthful, idle minds in Zimbabwe. Can SADC really gamble and take a chance of a melt-down right in its geographical centre. Tensions in Eswatini and The Democratic Republic of Congo would add to what could be a terrible situation that affects the whole Region.
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, we are asking SADC to hold true to its Article on Elections which emanates from the African Union. To which Zimbabwe is a signatory. For SADC to hold true to the spirit and intent of the Article that was designed to make elections fairer and for there to be fewer disputed elections. If there is a disputed outcome to the Zimbabwe 2023 election it means that the Zanu PF government has not adhered to the article. Thus requiring action from SADC, ie a rerun, ZEC to be suspended and SADC or the African Union to take over ZEC's responsibilities, or if the problems are great then a Caretaker government/Transitional government for two years to get the country in a fit state for another election. With all that we have seen from the Zanu PF government we cannot accept a so called Zanu PF victory within a disputed election result situation. Absolutely not!
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, we would ask SADC to be as proactive as The West African Regional group ECOWAS. In Southern Africa the people have not been treated well by their Regional body ECOWAS. Due to the Zanu PF government corruption the SADC Regional Court was abolished. The late Zimbabwean President R.G. Mugabe was trying to evade the compensation the Zanu PF government would have to pay the Commercial Farmers for the Land Reform Program. So instead of following matters through the courts the Zanu PF government, with the South African governments chose to abolish the court that gave the farmers compensation. This was a dark day for SADC because now ordinary people did not have a higher Regional Court in which to take matters for appeal, when their respective domestic courts had failed to answer properly their grievances. SADC should have been at the front defending the Regional Court.
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, a simple question for SADC and their Article For Elections;- Irrespective of member State's Domestic laws, can any election be called free and fair, when more than a half of the electorate has been denied their Human Right to Vote.
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, we ask SADC to craft enforceable resolutions upon the Zanu PF government with respect to Democracy and The Rule of Law in Zimbabwe. For SADC are well within their means and authority to do so but have not exercised that authority yet.
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, we ask SADC to welcome with open arms collaborations with other Regional bodies on the African Continent like ECOWAS or from further afield EC, UN that wish to find a way of resolving the Zimbabwean crisis .
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, we ask SADC to welcome collaboration with nation States that wish to contribute to a solution and road map for the return of Democracy and Rule of Law in Zimbabwe.
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, we ask SADC to accept as truth that there is no colonial war in progress in Zimbabwe. That all of the problems we observe within the Zimbabwean Crisis were made by Zanu PF who has now been in Office for 43 years.
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, we are minded that the President of The Pan African Parliament, PAP, the Legislative arm of the African Union, is Chief Fortune Charumbira. A strong Zanu PF supporter who in the High Court of Zimbabwe has been ordered not to be involved in partisan politics as a Traditional Leader, in accordance with the Zimbabwean Constitution. For Chief Charumbira had said and continues to say that all Traditional Leaders must be Zanu PF. This is the mindset that totally ignores the Constitution of Zimbabwe. It is hoped that the African Union will ensure that Chief Charumbira declares an interest in the African Unions Election Observers mission and thus recluses himself from the whole Zimbabwe Elections matter. So as not to colour the African Unions independence, fairness and transparency in the Zimbabwean Elections. Time will tell.
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, will The African Union be fair and transparent with respect to the fairness and freeness of the Zimbabwean Elections. The African Unions Legislative arm PAP as already stated has a President in the name Chief Fortune Charumbira. Chief Charumbira is facing sexual molestation charges in Zimbabwe against his 27 year old married niece. With concern PAP and The African Union have not yet suspended Chief Charumbira for bringing the institution that represents the whole of Africa into disrepute. Just the allegation and then police report, should have been enough for the African Union and PAP to take immediate action. With regret this has not happened.
◦ Of interest the former President Of PAP Roger Nkodo Dang of Cameroon left under a cloud of sexual misconduct. In May 2019 PAP parliamentary staff went on strike accusing Roger of nepotism, favouritism, bullying and sexual harassment. A parliamentary investigation occurred and found Roger guilty of improper behaviour, unwelcome touching, making unwanted advances, suggestive conversations, scheduling meetings at inappropriate times and venues. The enquiry recommended that the African Union launch a full-scale investigation. However, PAP had a quiet secret meeting and chose to bury the findings and took no further action. Roger Dang kept his position. He only left his position as scheduled in 2022 with full benefits and honours. We bring these matters to light to ensure that there is a level playing field in the reporting of the Zimbabwe elections.
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, we ask that the African Union craft timely enforceable resolutions (just months ) against the Zanu PF government for the return of democracy and the Rule Of Law to Zimbabwe.
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, we ask the African Union to recognise and accept that there is no colonial war in progress in Zimbabwe as Zanu PF would have them believe.
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, we would ask The African Union to accept that so long as Zanu PF denies the Zimbabwean Disapora the Human Right to Vote from wherever they are in the world the Zanu PF government will not be recognised and would be suspended from the African Union.
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, we would ask The African Union to recognise that Zanu PF as a political party and its senior officials will shortly be facing the beginning of legal action for Crimes of Genocide against the Ndebele Nation, Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes. These crimes are public knowledge and it would tarnish the African Union to be associated with a government and political party that are about to face such charges.
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, we would ask The Commonwealth of Nations not to be too hasty with considerations of re-admitting Zimbabwe under Zanu PF government back into the organisation. For the reasons why Zanu PF government was suspended from the Commonwealth in 2002 for breaching The Harare Declaration are still there and even worse than in 2002. Rather than to try and work with the Commonwealth of Nations to find common ground, with respect to the suspension, Zanu PF government left the Commonwealth.
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, we would say to the Commonwealth of Nations that we well understand why some may wish to see the return of Zimbabwe to the Commonwealth of Nations. We would advise caution, great, great caution particularly at this juncture. For Zanu PF government amongst the other nations would prove to be the greatest distraction the organisation has ever seen. In a negative way. What possible advantages one may have thought would come with the re admittance of the Zanu PF government, would pail into insignificance compared with the tension and problems within the Commonwealth, that would arise as a direct result of Zanu PF's re admittance.
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, we would ask the Commonwealth of Nations to take stock of the current geopolitical world. The re-admittance of the Zanu PF government into the Commonwealth has been over-taken by events on the global stage. Now is not the time to re-admit the Zanu PF government, for it would result in great tensions within the Commonwealth. Indeed tension that would test its very existence. For Zanu PF has a lot of baggage
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, we would ask the Commonwealth of Nations not to admit a Zanu PF government of Zimbabwe, back into the Organisation because it will bring the organisation into disrepute. Imagine a Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting, CHOGM, in Canada. To the shock and horror of the CHOGM the Zanu PF delegation is arrested by the Canadian authorities because of an International Warrant Of Arrest out for them for The Ndebele Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes. These legal matters have been worked upon by international legal minds, who are now confident of beginning this process well before 2028. These legal matters do not respect politics, do not respect what organisation like the Commonwealth of Nations may want. For the Commonwealth such an eventuality would be catastrophic. Would it survive such an eventuality? With the current geopolitical world and new world order, it is questionable if the Commonwealth would survive such an eventuality and the following acrimonious falling out of which country knew what, which country fixed it to take place, which country gains by it, which country had an agenda for this etc,etc,etc . Should one think this is all hypothetical then we have Vladimir Putin's example. The Russian Federation President wished to attend the BRICS meeting in South Africa. A good, indeed very good opportunity for him to engage in public relations on the world stage amongst other nation. Whilst he was in the middle of the war in Ukraine. But in South Africa law enforcement Agents were being prepared to arrest Valdimir Putin as soon as he lands on South African soil, since there was an international arrest warrant out for him, with respect to events to Ukraine.

If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, we would ask the Commonwealth of Nations not to re-admit a Zanu PF government, into the Commonwealth of Nations because this would be a hammer blow to the ordinary people of Zimbabwe. People who for decades had restrained themselves under untold hardship and suffering. Holding on to the values of democracy and Rule of Law whilst the Zanu PF government was knee deep in corruption, fraud and lawlessness. Such a readmittance would be buring democracy because it would have rewarded the Zanu PF government for its bad behaviour. It would mean that any future transfer of power in Zimbabwe would have to be through a lawlessness, corrupt and violent process, since democracy would have failed.
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, we would say to the Commonwealth of Nations that a re-admittance back into the Commonwealth of a Zanu PF government would be the final act for the frustrated millions of young people. For they already have the view that they are on their own and the world does not care. Such an admittance by the Commonwealth of Nations would indeed confirm that they are on their own. The young would find the extremism in Northern Mozambique a good option for their predicament in Zimbabwe. Indeed, the continuing conflict in The Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, would also convince them that the best option is the violent option.
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, we would ask the Commonwealth of Nations to reject the notion that the Zanu PF government of Zimbabwe, could be converted once in the folds of the Commonwealth. Should there be those advancing this notion, it would indicate that they do not really know Zanu PF. It would be akin to the British Prime Minister Neville Chambelain in 1938, returning from a meeting in Munich, with a paper in his hand of the agreement with the German Chancellor Adolf Hitler, saying Germany and Britain would never be at war. Neville Chambelain said “I believe it is peace for our time“. The following year the guns of war opened up, as Adolf Hitler invaded Prague, so plunging Britain into World War II. We say to those in the Commonwealth Of Nation who may wish to try the conversion of Zanu PF method, “The appeasement of wrong doing is a dangerous thing, since it always comes back to bite you in the backside“.
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, we would ask the Commonwealth of Nations to wait until there was a popular government in office in Zimbabwe before re-adapting Zimbabwe back into the Commonwealth of Nations. This would be the best for everyone concerned.
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, we would ask The African Union to collaborate with other Regional or Continental Blocks with regard to the Zimbabwean crisis.
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, we would ask The EC to take a more active role with respect to finding a resolution to the Zimbabwean democratic Crisis. That it engages in hard edged diplomacy when it comes to the Zanu PF government. That it passes strong timely resolutions against the Zanu PF government. That the appeasement of wrong-doing is actually a failure of a policy.
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, we would ask The EC to reflect upon the new geopolitical world and recognise that events in Europe are no longer isolated to Europe and that events in Africa are no longer isolated to Africa. The world has become small and inter dependent. Democracy cannot take root and grow within a vacuum, whereby the Free World can stand back and observe from afar. Democracy has to be cultivated by the Free World in order to ensure strong roots of democracy for the benefit of all.
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, we would ask the EC to collaborate much closer with the African Union and SADC with respect to the Zimbabwean Crisis. So that we ensure that the shoots of extremism, do not take root in the Southern African Region to all our detriment.
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, we would ask the United Nations to play a bigger role with others in seeking a resolution to the Zimbabwean Crisis. History reminds us that the United Nations played a big role in the resolution of the Rhodesian Crisis. The United Nations played a big role in the resolution of the Apartheid Crisis of South Africa. The United Nations must now play a big role in the resolution of the Zimbabwean Crisis.
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, we would ask the United Nations to craft timely enforceable resolutions, in The General Assembly and Security Council, against the Zanu PF government with respect to the resuscitation of democracy and Rule of Law in Zimbabwe.
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, we would ask that The United Nations block any non-permanent seat application at the Security Council by the Zanu PF government 2028. For by that time it is certain Zanu PF as a political party and its senior officials would be embroiled in legal matters with respect to The Ndebele Genocide of 1983 – 1987, Crimes Against Humanity and War crimes.
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, we are stating very firmly to the Election Observers, SADC, African Union, EC, United Nations, Regional Blocks and international Organisations that a Government of National Unity, GNU is totally, totally unacceptable. A GNU simply means Zanu PF ruling for another 5 year term which is unacceptable especially since Zanu PF by design barred 50% of Zimbabwe electorate from voting.

Should there be a need for such a discussion, then only a “Care-Taker Government / Transitional Government “would be an option. For such a conversation to be implemented a mini Zimbabwe Conference would be convened with delegates from the Zimbabwe Civic Society, Faith Groups, Traditional Leaders, Political Parties (CCC, Zanu PF, ZAPU and MRP ), Regional participants. This whole process would be underwritten by SADC, African Union, EC, United Nations.

Zanu PF would not be forming this government.

This government would only have a short term of 2 years. Its job would be to get the country into a fit state to hold free and fair elections and to return the country to The Rule Of Law. If required a peace keeping force may be part of this government. We had exactly this situation in 1979 and it worked, providing the transition from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe. Care-Taker Governments/Transitional Governments are common in the world. Especially where the internal politics of a country have failed and where democracy itself has failed or has been profoundly compromised. In 2008 we had the GNU and it has ultimately led to this Zimbabwe Crisis of 2023. Central to the work of the “Care-Taker Government/Transitional Government “would be the implementation of all the Reforms and especially the Electoral Reforms, with the DIASPORA VOTE being the main one. For without the Diaspora Vote all other reforms would be meaningless.

• It can be seen that the Zimbabwean Diaspora Human Right to Vote and the Vote touches upon many issues in Zimbabwe. Fix the Zimbabwean Diaspora Vote and The Vote and you have fixed and resolved the Zimbabwean Crisis. For the Zimbabweans have the capacity, knowledge and experience to turn their country around. They just need help with obtaining The Vote and The Diaspora Vote. There is no real defence as to why the Zimbabwean Diaspora are not allowed to vote from wherever they are in the world. There are many things SADC, African Union, Commonwealth of Nations, EC, United Nations and International Organisation can do. We have only touched on a few practical suggestions that can be implemented, if the political will is there. Up until now the people of Zimbabwe have kept the faith of “Democracy“ whilst all around them their country went into crisis and their lives were turned upside down by the Zanu PF government. The question is what else would the world have them do, before the world acted. What must the Zimbabweans do before the world acts to assist them? Should an armed conflict erupt before the world acts? So that yet again on the African continent there is another armed conflict. This is just a question as we are minded about the armed extremism next to Zimbabwe in Northern Mozambique. To SADC, African Union, Commonwealth of Nations, EC, United Nations, international Organisations, “the appeasement of wrong doing is a very dangerous thing which will always come back to bit one on the backside“

MyRight2Vote Campaign

MyRight2Vote had tried to have a parallel election to the National Election of the 23rd August 2023, for the Zimbabwean diaspora. However the logistical challenges were formidable meaning that a credible plebiscite was not feasible at this juncture. For it was important to educate the Zimbabwe Election Commission, ZEC , with respect to how to hold a credible elections. However lessons learnt from the envisaged parallel election are now ploughed into the Referendum, producing considerable advantages ;-
1. Instead of canvassing only the diaspora population in a parallel election 6.1 million, we are now canvassing the whole Zimbabwean electorate of over 12 million. Sign the Referendum.
2. The parallel election was going to be over one day , i.e. on the 23rd August 2023. The Referendum is not over one day but is continuous, thus growing in attraction with time. For it is not a spring but a marathon. Sign the Referendum.
3. The indefinite Referendum will allow the Zimbabwean Diaspora matter to be alive continuously and to be at the fore front of the political arena, with respect to democracy in Zimbabwe. Sign the Referendum.
4. Legitimacy. This Referendum will achieve great legitimacy when it has more signatures to it than the number of votes Zanu PF obtains in the 2023 elections. Achieving more than the total number of registered voters in the 2023 elections i.e. 6.1 million, would completely finish the legitimacy of any stolen election by Zanu PF. This road map can only be achieved by a continuous indefinite Referendum, with a growing signature count. Sign the Referendum.
5. A growing indefinite Referendum would seek, Southern African Development Countries, SADC, Troika Resolutions for The Human Right to Vote in Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwean diaspora. Sign the Referendum.
6. A growing indefinite Referendum would be in a position to put pressure for African Union Resolutions, with respect to The Human Right to Vote in Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwean diaspora. Sign the Referendum.
7. A growing indefinite Referendum would be in a far better position to lobby within the EC for Resolutions, supporting the Human Right to vote in Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwean diaspora. Sign the Referendum.
8. A growing indefinite Referendum would be in a powerful position to lobby nations for United Nation Resolutions, including UN Security Council resolutions. Sign the Referendum.
9. A growing indefinite Referendum would provide strong evidence to be used for returning back to the Regional Courts. Sign the Referendum.
10. A growing indefinite Referendum would be a tool for use in approaching the international Courts. Sign the Referendum.
11. This indefinite Referendum would be very powerful on the diplomatic front and engagement with other nations, regional bodies and international organisations, e.g. International Financial Services. Sign the Referendum.
12. With respect to The Diaspora Vote there are now six previous petitions within Over as many years. Showing that the Zimbabwean Diaspora want to exercise their Human Right to Vote

The full outcome of this Referendum at this stage during these elections will also be forwarded to ;-
• All Southern African Development Countries, SADC with respect to whether the 2023 elections adhered to the SADC Principles for holding Elections. In this case not just looking at the very thin adherence that has been shown by the Zanu PF government but rather the volumes of evidence to the contrary.
• In South Africa to the South African government. Also to the African National Congress, ANC, The Democratic Alliance, DA, The Economic Freedom Fighters, EFF and other political parties in South Africa, including Civic Organisations, Trade Unions and Human Rights Organisations. So that in South Africa's year of election 2024, there may be a proper well informed debate about Zanu PF, Zimbabwe and the matter of Exemption Permits. What would happen in South Africa if the ANC government denied the vote to over 50% of the electorate, just because it was afraid of losing the 2024 election? This is what has occurred in Zimbabwe with Zanu PF.
• The Zimbabwe Election Commission, ZEC and the Zimbabwean government (Hence the anonymous signatures ) .
• In Zimbabwe, to Civic Organisations, Trade Unions, Human Rights Organisations, Political Parties, Faith Groups.
• The African Union and its formal structures
• The Commonwealth Of Nations
• The European Union and its formal structures in particular those portfolios that have assisted, financially / resources wise to this 2023 election process in Zimbabwe.
• The United Nations;
◦ Security Council
◦ General Assembly
◦ Human Rights Commission

This is your opportunity to use your voice as a people, with respect to the Diaspora VOTE in this Unitary REFERENDUM.

The past and what has happened

The war for independence was all about “One man One Vote, One Woman One Vote“. There was no condition placed upon this right to Vote. In 1971 retired British Judge Edward Pearce, Baron Peace, was tasked by the Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary Sir Alec Douglas Home, to look into the matter of “One man One Vote, One Woman One Vote “ and a way forward for the Rhodesian crisis. Hence The Peace Commission. The Smith government had proposed a “ qualified franchise “for the majority. That is to say that one had to meet certain conditions, before being allowed to vote ie a Qualified Franchise. Both Zanu PF and ZAPU totally rejected the very idea of a condition being placed upon a person before they were allowed to vote. Today sixty years later to the day, Zanu PF has resurrected and brought back, what they rejected in 1971, the same “Qualified Franchise “to over 50% of the electorate“. That Zimbabweans must qualify in order to be allowed to vote. That they cannot vote if they are outside the country. Now as a result of the Kasukuwere case, if they have been outside the country for a limited period they will not be allowed to vote Inside Zimbabwe.

This is the main question that all election observer teams are going to have to answer and justify their answers. For this qualified Franchise brought in by Zanu PF is against the Zimbabwe Constitution. So, if one was trying to craft an answer that replies upon the Zimbabwean Domestic Law it is found that it does not hold water. Meaning that one has only one option and that is to say this election is technically not free and fair, without the need of a Supreme court.

If the Opposition wins these elections even with such odds against it, the election stands because had it been fair the Opposition would have won by an even greater majority.

If Zanu PF seeks to claim electoral victory, that has to be rejected because of the gross unfair advantage it put into the system in order to rig the outcome. An analogy is to say Zanu PF is like the football player who has put himself in an offside position who then proceeds to score a goal from that offside position. The goal is not allowed and a penalty awarded to the Opposition from where he was Offside. Advantage the Opposition.

Zanu PF government has reduced the voters role in the following ways over any years ;-

• The descendants of the Ndebele Genocide were denied the death certificates of their parents by the Zanu PF government. This was because Zanu PF perpetrated the Genocide and they would have had to write that into each death certificate as the cause of death. Zanu PF was not prepared to admit guilt in this way. However as a result of no death certificate for the survivors , that resulted in that they could not obtain their own Identity card, that requires the parent to be there present with them as they apply and if the parent is deceased they should produce a death certificate. In order to Register to vote one requires an identity card. So, for the descendants of this genocide it resulted in them not being able to Register to vote because they could not obtain an identity card. Tens of thousands to this day remain as Zimbabweans without identification and unable to vote. Without an identification card these individuals lose out on everything from local and central government, health care, education. A massive reduction in the Voters Registered.
• There are a number of nomadic First Nation peoples in Zimbabwe (eg in Matabeleland North Province and Zambezi Basin) to which the Zanu PF government has not really extended the Human Right to Vote. They number tens of thousands. Yet another reduction in the Voters registered.
• In answering questions in the Zimbabwean parliament the Minister of Education stated that each year about 800,000 children leave school at the voting age. When answering a written question in Parliament the Zimbabwe Election Commission stated that they had only managed to Register only 156,000 new in that given year. So, if we do not include all the other groups that were note registered and we assume they are school leavers, what happened to the other 644,000 school leavers. Just over half a million each year disappear and are not Registered. Yet another reduction in the Voters Registered.
• There are the already mentioned 6.5 million plus Zimbabweans in the diaspora who have been denied the right to vote. Yet another massive reduction in the Voters Registered.
• In the Christmas Festive season last year 2022 tens of thousands of Zimbabweans returned from South Africa to spend the festive season with their families and friends. But also, to Register to Vote. The Zimbabwe Election Commission closed its doors over the whole season, for registrations.